The common misconception…

Many of our members work within the NHS but one thing’s for sure – not all of them do.

Many members also work within the private sector, running their own phlebotomy service, agency or signed up with a range of recruiters and are working as a self employed phlebotomists. Oftentimes they are contracted to carry out jobs on behalf of companies in the private sector.

When individuals commence the search for the ‘NHS Approved’ phlebotomy training course, we have to tell you, these course’s don’t actually exist.

Like all training providers, accreditations come from the accrediting body, not the NHS.

Some training providers work closely with the NHS, some even perform training for the NHS. But if you’re looking for a course where learning phlebotomy, becoming confident and knowing your stuff is important to you, then you’re in the right place. 99% of employers, including the NHS will employ you if you demonstrate the necessary skills at interview stage. Having this course under your belt will be even more advantageous for you.

If you are only looking to work within the NHS then you are able to apply for any of their job postings which are ‘Band 2’ or those which require no previous experience and they will provide the training to you if you are successful at interview. From experience, the number of applicants received for those positions reduce the chances for those who have not already completed a course or demonstrated their understanding/skillset in the procedure.